Where do we come from


When the student asks from whence do we come? Why do we live? Where shall we find peace, happiness, and rest in this end? What has command over my life to give me happiness or misery? Then the law of God states that, “Soul has existence because God Wills it.” Thus, God loves all life so dearly that It allows Soul to exist. If It did not love life, there would be no life-forms in this universe and all would be barren. Time, space, law, chance, matter, primitive energy, and intelligence are only the effects of God’s love for life, and only exist to serve Soul in Its journey to find liberation and freedom.


God is It? Blimey! Is this an example of religion hitting identity politics? Very modern, though.

I always had Him down as a She, but then I’m an old school agnostic Anglican.


Yeah, we can believe anything we want.


We come from our mother’s vagina.

Life has no meaning except what we ascribe to it.

(I mean, what’s the meaning of a cockroach’s life?)

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A pedant writes…

We come out of the vagina and from the uterus.


Well, I could get all technical and go through the whole conception, gestation and birthing process… but I felt like going the brevity route today. Besides it sounds punchier.


“David Cross: But I’m an atheist. How can I still be considered a Jew?

Rabbi: Let me ask you one question, you say this now, but, uh, was your mother’s vagina jewish?

David Cross: Yes.

Rabbi: Then you’re a Jew. I’m sorry. Nothing I can do for you.”


Either God or lightening repeatedly striking saltwater over billions of years.

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How many lightning strikes did it take for God to get rolling?


Which God are you talking about?


And your God is it? Not he or she, nor they?


I think, therefore I am…

I don’t think, therefore I’m religious…

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Easy answers to everything! Salvation guaranteed, or triple your money back!



Rene Descartes also considered it possible to think of God.

“In his Meditations on First Philosophy Descartes sets forth two proofs for God’s existence. One of these is founded upon the possibility of thinking the “idea of a being that is supremely perfect and infinite,” and suggests that "of all the ideas that are in me, the idea that I have of God is the most true, the most clear and distinct."Descartes considered himself to be a devout Catholic . . . . “


Both theories require infinity to function. Neither God, in one, nor matter in the other spontaneously got rolling out of nothingness.


I can not help thinking Rene Descartes was a drunk.


He was apparently sober though when he posited “I think, therefore I am.”


Or was it, "I drink , therefore , I am ? "


Ex nihilo nihil fit. And yet, cosmologists do argue the universe from nothing. I’m not yet convinced: a vacuum is not nothing and particles are not the universe. Very rationally unsatsfying.


Looks like the OP trolled, but hey, makes for discussion.

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