Where do you buy real (living) Christmas Trees in Taipei?

I’d like my daughter (born and raised in Taiwan) to experience the smell of a real tree this year. B & Q had them last year, but do not have them this year. Does anyone know where to buy them?

Also, does anyone know of any Christmas programs that will be going on? It would be nice to hear/sing some Christmas carols during the “holidays.”

Many thanks in advance.

Happy Holidays to all! :smiley:

I saw some pine scent at the night market. Just get a 6’ plastic conifer and add generous amounts of the pine scented oil. ;-D

Costco had them a year or two ago, so you could try your luck and see if they have them again.


Although it means waiting until Saturday, just 5 days before christmas, try the JienGuo flower market. And if they don’t have real trees you can always bring home some pointsettas.

I don’t advocate cutting live trees to put in your living room to die in some quasi-pagan ritual, your daugher notwithstanding.
Teach her the value of the environment and have her make a tree out of something or buy a plastic one that you can use for years. Get the tree scent from a can or spray.

“Have a nice Christmas – kill a tree.”