Where do you find Avatars?

Do most of you guys make your own or do you get them from some site?
and if so, which one. Thanks.

I’ve made some and taken some. I guess using google’s image search would be ok for finding avatars. Just do a search for small and medium ones I guess. Also make sure you don’t get one that’s too big.

I’ve never used an avatar site, but they’re out there. Do a search for avatars and you’ll see.

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I’m with MK - I’ve made most of the avatars I’ve used on various boards, but sometimes I’ll just Google Image Search for something I think would be cool, and then usually Photoshop it down to size.

even with the “paint” program in windows you can convert any picture into an avatar type image. the “print screen” button which saves the screen to your clipboard can be useful

I found the picture I want. Its size is: 800 Pixels by 599
Say i reduce it to 100 by 70 do i then need to put it back somewhere on the net so i can link it to my profile?
I use photoshop.

Yeah, knock it down to about 100-ish, then use a freehost to upload it. www.imageshack.us is a good one.

Thanks a bunch. :s