Where do you like to practice speaking Chinese?

I use books on tape on my iPod to practice speaking chinese. I always do it in my apartment because its the only private place I have. I would go to the park, but its usually full of people walking their dogs and I don’t want to look too weird talking to myself in chinese (I’m still in the USA btw, coming next summer).

My question is where are some good places people have found to practice their chinese without sticking out like a sore thumb? I’m just curious? One of these days i’m going to visit the coast and find a secluded spot and practice while looking out over the pacific.

Taxis are great because they always tell you how good you are! Other good places are basically anywhere where noone speaks English because even if you screw it up you have no choice but to try. I did a 2 hour car journey with a non-English speaking colleague once and it was brilliant. Either talk nonsense or stay quiet for two hours. I learned the word for Macao aswell (Ao Men) :bow:

I teach English at a university. I find most of the time my students are happy to speak Mandarin and Taiwanese with me and teach me new words and correct my pronunciation.

Hey I’m also going to Taiwan next summer… Currently I just practice in my house, also I use skype to talk to people who want to learn English and can teach me Mandarin… sometimes works out… but you need to have a decent conversation level, which I currently am lacking. Whatever happens when you go outside and speak to yourself, your gonna look crazy… May I suggest buying lots of plants and imagining your not stuck in your apartment but instead a forest of some sort. But I’d recommend getting yourself a Mandarin speaking friend who’s willing to teach you or at least hang out, then you can go anywhere to practice, and your just gonna look like as it is. Get yourself down to china town :rainbow:

On tourists in B.C. & Ontario…

The liquor store.

But I try more Taike than Mando.

Either way, with head nods, grunting and pointing it always seems to work. :bow:

I second Taxis. You get a lot of different accents and topics of conversation; if you can handle BJ taxi drivers, you are well on your way to understanding most everyone else.

I think you should make friends come from China or Taiwan.
Have a can speak Chinese and English friend, It’s a good way to learn Chinese.
I learning English now , I can speak very well , I think you can feel.
But I always speak with my USA friend , they can tell me how to speak this sentence.
maybe one day I can teach you Chinese !