Where exactly can we submit income tax returns?

It seems to depend on the office and whether or not they are equipped to deal with foreigners. Sansia would not do it.

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Finally got through to them. They said foreigners can submit tax returns at the Xinzhuang office


Good to know!

They also advised not to go on May 2nd since it will be packed, but hell if I’m taking a day off work to go on a different day. Made an appointment for 8:30 but I’m told that you don’t need an appointment and appointments are basically for “分流”. I plan to get there at 8AM and be first in line


This isn’t very in character of you…

Are you sure you’re not Flanders in disguise?


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Isn’t Monday a holiday? Better check to make sure they are actually open on the 2nd.

You can actually go now as long as they’ve received the information from your local employer (if you have one). I usually go at the end of April.

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National public holidays calendar 2022

Guess Google is wrong…well my office is closed. Per usual I’m confused.

It’s the replacement holiday for labor day which falls on Sunday 1st. It’s a holiday for the private sector, the calendar in Slawa’s link is for government agencies.

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Gotcha, sorry to the gov’t employees.

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Government are open on May 2nd, but private sector is off, that’s why I’m going then, so I can submit taxes without taking time off work. I’ll also probably try and get a new NHI card and apply for a new digital citizen certificate. Labor say is perfect for these kinds of things… now only if there was a holiday where only banks were open

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It probably will be jammed then. May your bill be low or your refund high.

I think doing both of those things and doing taxes online would be far less of a PITA than going to the tax office on the first day of tax filing season! You have until the end of June, get them near the end when they’re tired of the whole process and far less likely to ask for a million pieces of supporting data.

Well. I didn’t actually submit for 2019 because in May 2020 I was in China, so I’m submitting for 2019 and 2021. For 2021 I should just about pay no taxes with no refund, but for 2019 I’m owed at least $15,000 according to a phone call I had with them many months back.

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I want to do it ASAP so I can use my tax statement to apply for a credit card.

It’s honestly not that difficult to do it online.

Edit: Just saw your subsequent comment about filing for 2019 as well. Never mind!

Tried twice before and couldn’t take advantage of the deductions I’m entitled to online. I also don’t have a working NHI card anymore, so no way to login, gotta wait till June for a new to come automatically or go there in person to apply for one. Mostly importantly I want the stamped tax statement so I’d need to go there anyway. It’s also five min walk from my house

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Why weren’t you able to use the deductions? I’ve only used the tax software once (last year), but it seemed to include all the deductions that are available and apply them correctly.

Though I guess you might need to send in proof for certain things (the software generates a list of required documentation, IIRC), which might make it less convenient in your case if you end up needing to go to the tax office anyway.

Last time I tried to submit online we weren’t able to do so as a couple, only as an individual. This was years ago though. Maybe things have changed now, but I wouldn’t be able to use the service anyway until I get my new NHI card, and it would still require a trip to the tax office to get the stamped tax statement. Since the office is a five minute walk from my house, and I don’t need to take time off work, makes sense to do it in person

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