National public holidays calendar 2022

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I just realized we have only one makeup work Saturday on 22nd January in 2022! :partying_face:


That’s why it’s white?

Yes. See legend at the bottom of the image.

It is make up day for Feb 4 (Friday)

I continue to not recognise ‘make up days’


Our company moved ‘Peace Memorial Day’ February 28 holiday to January 28, so we can have longer CNY. :joy:

Why do you need a longer one ? There’s nowhere to go ! :sunglasses:

It’s not like I have a choice :grin:
But might be helpful to have a head start. Traffic on Friday will be horrific!


Check with your employer if you need to work tomorrow. :calendar:

This calendar is the “2022 Government Agencies Workday Overview” and not the public holiday calendar for 2022. Looks like the upcoming Monday 2nd labor day holiday is the only difference though.

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So government offices are open on Monday? Immigration offices?

Supposedly, give them a call to confirm.

Should have stuck with Slava’s calendar, apparently schools are open today! Luckily online…

Schools never close for Labour Day, do they? It’s the one of the few days my wife can stay home when I head off to work.

Joke’s on her, I’m online today! Ha!

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I’m sure she’s delighted.

Well, I suppose the joke’s on me. She’ll probably wind up with homemade lunch rather than UberEats or instant noodles.


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