National public holidays calendar 2023

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[CH] 112年行事曆出爐 春節放10天清明連假5天 | 生活 | 中央社 CNA

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[EN] 2023Work Calendar DGPA--Work Calendar
[CH] 中華民國一百一十二年政府行政機關辦公日曆表 行政院人事行政總處全球資訊網-DGPA--辦公日曆表

Note: On a very rare occasion there might be a holiday for salaried workers but not government workers. Such holidays are not marked in the government calendar. e.g. May 1


The green circles need to be banned.


Why are there so many?

There sure seen like a lot of them. Luckily my company ignores them.


You and me both. Thank god.

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We can’t have peasants running around enjoying themselves now can we? They owe their employers work! They borrow too much time.

For example, jan 7. What is that a make up day for?

The Monday.

Or the extra CNY day.

Jan 7th is to make up for Jan 26th
Feb 4th is to make up for Jan 27th

That way there’ll be a whole week off for CNY. Or that’s the idea.

Where did you find that calendar? CNA news?


Found it


You found it.
But why the question?

It’s marked in purple in the calendar I shared.

I haven’t seen such type of calendar in previous years.

Right. That note is for the calendar from the official website
The news agency enhanced the official calendar in a good way. The only downside are the red holiday names covering the calendar partially.

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I feel like the majority of companies ignore them now.

All the more reason to ban them and keep the unscrupulous from doing so.

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That’s WAY too many extra Saturdays. I HATE that. This year didn’t have many. I’d far rather work on Monday have a holiday on Tuesday than have trade a one day weekend for a four day weekend. I need my Saturdays. A four day weekend just means housework.

I don’t know about majorities, but I have never worked for a company that ignores them. At my present and previous company, I have had to make up for typhoon days. TYPHOON DAYS! I used to wish for typhoons (and that no one would get hurt). Now I hope they pass by.

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The 6-day weeks are rough for teachers and students, and everyone seems to be dragging from lack of rest the following week as well. It’ll be interesting to see what comes from the MOE meeting mentioned in the video.

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I just make the make up day a fun day. Arts and crafts, games and a few snacks. The parents seem to appreciate it.

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My prediction

Kids will end up having a day off, but workers will still need to go to work.

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