National public holidays calendar 2023

They’re infuriating. At my university we don’t actually have the working Saturdays (because Saturday classes are in classrooms at that time), so teachers need to schedule make-up classes on their own: that means tons of extra time to figure out a slot when more than 50% of the students are actually available, and it pretty much has to be a “pointless” class (well, not part of the syllabus / curriculum), because so many students can’t make it.


not true unfortunately. many still do, in particular in many service oriented companies (like logistics/forwarding) and ofc production oriented.

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I don’t suppose anyone has a link to the public school calendar (official start of the school year, days off, etc.)? I know generally it’s the same as the above posted calendar, but, for example, the public schools are off until 2/16 for LNY break.

You’re better getting that from the school concerned, as some of them slightly change e.g. extra day off for school birthdays, or moving a day around for a special event.

Normally they are on the school website.

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27 and 28 February, Monday and Tuesday.

Is it really going to be a true 4-day weekend for everyone?

What places are officially closed like schools and government offices and banks?

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Why wouldn’t it be?

Make-up classes deprive children of the chance to do physical activities, and make them more distracted the following week. “Rest and activities on the weekends stimulate kids’ memory and concentration, which improves learning


I’m only asking because I can’t really keep up with Taiwan holidays.

Sometimes it’s a holiday and people say oh no we’re working today so we can have a different day off…

And other times that I expect to be a working day is a day off.

And sometimes, people work on Saturdays to make up for holiday or something…

I’m just asking. What’s going on this particular?


Alright, I get you.

This time it’s a holiday holiday. So, no work, no school, no banks. Like 4 Sundays in a roll.


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So ~24-28 Feb 2023, restaurants and parks and tourist attractions and roads and public transportation and hotels will be crowded as hell and more expensive than regular days.

Now that’s what I (don’t) call a holiday.


Someone is not happy today.



1 - 4 April.

Is it really a true 4-day weekend for everyone? Or will some of those days be make-up days or whatever it’s called?

The real holiday is on April 4th but there’ll be a make-up day on March 25th for April 3rd, so it turns into a 4-days holiday.

You can see it described in the calendar in the OP.


They could add a few more holidays please or will take 100 years?


OK here’s an unpopular take! Official holidays are overrated. Pain the a&& to travel anywhere. Banks closed, making what is already hard to do even harder. Get back to work and stop complaining!

So is this enough to get me suspended? :grin:



Perhaps not as bad a take as you think? To some extent I agree with that - I certainly view official holidays as prime days to NOT go anywhere (but I’m lucky to have more flexibility than most in my usual schedule.) And in many cases, a holiday for kids is a hassle for parents who don’t have a “standard” job and don’t get a day off.

But there should on the other hand be a lot more paid holiday days, and the whole system of restarting the count when you move to a new job can go straight in the bin.


Not sure if I’m reading right.

  • One 3-day weekend
  • Two 4-day weekends
  • Six of the months no holiday
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No point public holidays anymore. Cant travel anywhere or find accomodation for cheap. All trains get instantly booked. All places in taiwan gets super packed.

Best idea is to stay home, enjoy some latte while watching netflix and take personal leave on weekdays to travel