National public holidays calendar 2023

According to the new rules, “make up” days will only be scheduled for Lunar New Year’s Eve and Children’s Day and Tomb Sweeping Day.
The DGPA says there will be only one “make-up” work day every year for the next five years, except for 2026 when there will be no adjusted holiday and thus no “make-up” work day.

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An unwelcome reminder: this coming Saturday, June 17, is I believe another of those dumb Saturday work days. Plan accordingly.


Yeah we just realized it yesterday, from the notes in our daughter’s school book.

The sheer stupidity of the authorities this year knows no bounds.
Fucking morons.

And then they put the tests next week so a lot of the kids will have to go to their cram school on Sunday.


Quick question if anyone knows the law about this. This Saturday is a make up work day for October 9th. I am finishing up at my current employer at the end of September and will not be working at my new job until after the 10/10 break. My current employer is saying that I need to work this Saturday, even though I would not get paid for the extra day off in October as I would not be employed at that time. This sounds off to me as it means I need to work an extra day for no reason (I don’t get paid for the extra day off in October). Any idea on what is the rule about this?

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As I see it, they can ask you to work, but they also need to pay you for that one day next month.

You can inquire at the Department of Labor to clarify.

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Is it time to dust off this classic?




Next year would be little better


My poor kids in school for the 6th day in a row again. Full day. And they received homework.

what a fucking ridiculous system!!! Even the teachers are against it but they still keep doing the same ole Hamster wheel shit…round and round…