School year calendar

I tried searching for this but to no avail…sorry if I missed it due to inadequate search skills.

Can anyone offer a rough typical school year calendar (or an actual one) for 2022-2023?

I saw that the school year usually begins around the end of August and ends around the end of June. How long is the winter/CNY break usually? (for reference, CNY is Sun Jan 22 and Lantern Festival is Sun Feb 5 in 2023. Are there any other holiday breaks of significance? Lastly, is attendance policy very strict for a first grader?


You can check the 2022 holidays in this thread:

For 2023, I think you’ll have to wait until June/July next year.
But you can use the one above for reference too.


Attendance policy will depend on the individual teacher. First graders have half days except on Tuesdays (public schools)

Generally school starts on September 1 and ends at the end of June.

There’s usually a day or two off in late September or early October for Moon Festival (sometimes that means a Saturday school day the week before)

Double ten day (10/10) is a national holiday

New Years Day is a national holiday

You can plan for 2-3 weeks off around Chinese New Year, depending on the year

228 (Feb 28) is a day off

Two days off around Tomb Sweeping and Children’s Day (early April)

Maybe Labor Day (late April, not always a day off)

Duanwu Jie/Dragon Boat festival is late May or June, depending on the year, 1-2 days off.


Nice summary, @nz !

On top of that, whenever a holiday falls on a Saturday or Sunday, the public holiday is moved to Friday or Monday, respectively.

And, generally, if a holiday falls on a Tuesday or Thursday, the closest day to the weekend (Monday or Friday) turns into a national holiday, too. However, the Saturday two-weeks prior is used to “compensate” the extra holiday.


Thanks for all the details! I am just trying to get an idea of what to expect so this helps a ton. Basically approx 8 weeks of summer vacay and a couple weeks for CNY, which would be potential international trips for us. Everything else is just a few days here and there, which I guess would allow for some domestic travel but nothing more.

Wife and I have both been location independent for many years so we’re used to just picking up and leaving for weeks or months at a time. This will be an adjustment.

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Anyone have a link to a calendar for the upcoming public school year? (in Taipei)

How To Use Google To Search.

Did you find it with google? Cause I couldn’t. Perhaps since I can only search in English. Would appreciate a link to the search result if you were able to do so


This is what my friend sent me in case anyone else is searching. This is just the first semester at Xinsheng Elementary, but it works to give some idea. Link comes straight from the Xinsheng Elementary website.

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