National public holidays calendar 2021

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Plan ahead your holidays for 2021 and pray to covid-19 flying aids to be eliminated.

Only one makeup Saturday next year! :partying_face:
Damn, there are two…

Did not realized it was make up day so I’m late for work today.

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Like 5 hours late?

I actually forgot to work today and I have no idea if we’re having it as an off day LOL. :grimacing:

2hrs late :woozy_face:

I think she will call me on 3/1 to work

3/1 is normal work day for me. That day off was moved in front of CNY.
Taiwanese companies move the holidays at will.

it’s ok to work I got many things to do.

Added “calendar” to title to help make it searchable.

Now that holiday season is over, looks like only 3 holiday days in the next 6 months :scream:

Looks like only 1 officially working Saturday this year.

Do we have holiday this Friday? April 30 ??



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Expect for schools I believe.