National public holidays calendar 2021

I actually forgot to work today and I have no idea if we’re having it as an off day LOL. :grimacing:

2hrs late :woozy_face:

I think she will call me on 3/1 to work

3/1 is normal work day for me. That day off was moved in front of CNY.
Taiwanese companies move the holidays at will.

it’s ok to work I got many things to do.

Added “calendar” to title to help make it searchable.

Now that holiday season is over, looks like only 3 holiday days in the next 6 months :scream:

Looks like only 1 officially working Saturday this year.

Do we have holiday this Friday? April 30 ??



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Expect for schools I believe.


Another coincidence this year:

9/11 is a make up workday on a Saturday!

That’s state sponsored terrorism in my book.

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The having to work a Saturday thing because there’s two days holidays. I hate it because I have to waste one of my days off to book off the Saturday.

I’d just rather not have one of the holidays. Or better yet, give us the two holidays without having to work on a Saturday/Waste a day off to book it off.


One of the only countries in the world to do this.
My workplace just automatically deducts it from my leave quota.
Taiwan is probably also one of the only countries not to have a public day off throughput the entire Summer (just dragon boat early June if lucky)! Madness.

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@jo Don’t forget to go to work this Saturday! :wink:


Taking the fun out of long weekends, only Taiwan could figure out a way to do it.


ok, thanks for reminding me.


Apparently my Boss change her mind and doesn’t want me to have long holiday …
Anyway for me it’s alright as I got other work to do on weekend :banana:

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Enjoy your weekend!

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Isn’t tomorrow (i.e. Saturday) one of those notorious make-up work days? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:




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I don’t think that “false” and “holiday” sharing the same Chinese character “假” is a coincidence.


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