Where have the archives gone?

I can’t open any of the Archives !

I’ve tried from a few different computers, so I don;t think that it’s my setup.

If you’re trying to open from a link that was posted prior to the move from oriented.com to segue.com, then it won’t open, but if you use the segue search engine or manually go through the archives, then they’ll open.

I’m clicking the ““check the archives” before creating a new thread” link. I get a PHP error, or 404 file not found error.

Is this a common problem for others ?

OK, rather than clicking on the ‘check the archive’, click directly above it, where it says TRAVEL or LIVING IN TAIWAN or OPEN FORUM or TEACHING IN TAIWAN etc part, this will open the archives up.

Amos: not quite right. For most of the forums, organized archives should exist. You should get these when you click on “archives”. However, like travelling, I get an error message when I click on it, for instance in the “learning Chinese” forum:

Warning: Failed opening ‘…/phpbb_fetch_arch.php’ for inclusion (include_path=’.:/usr/share/pear’) in /web06/segue/html/archives/open.php on line 79

Fatal error: Call to undefined function: phpbb_fetch_info() in /web06/segue/html/archives/open.php on line 80 [/quote]

If you click on the forum title, you get the forum threads.

For some of the forums, like the travel forum, there are no organized archives. If you click on “archives” in these forums, you’ll get something like [quote] Not Found
The requested URL /archives/travel.php was not found on this server. [/quote] In those forums, you can just click on the forum title and access all the threads.

Could any of the other mods please correct me if I got that wrong?

How come the archives are not accessible? Gus? Any of the tech experts?



The archive links you see are to a separate system called GreyMatter (noahgrey.com/greysoft). GM is ‘blogging’ software, and we were using it as a way for moderators to build lists of threads that are found in their forums. Each lists would focus on a particular subject.

Back in November, several security holes were found on the website – some in the web forum, and also in the archives. In fact, we discovered that a couple of IRC chat programs were uploaded through the archives. For those of you who are GM users, the combination of GM and PHP is a tricky one (see this).

So the Archives have been unavailable since then.

I hope to have them back later in February