Where is a good health food store in Taichung?

Just wondering if anyone knows where a health food store is in Taichung? I need things like aluminium free deodorant which I used to but at a health food store in Australia. I am not sure if they would sell that kind of product in a health food store here in Taichung. I have sensitive skin so if I use deodorant with aluminuim in it I get itchy and sometimes get a rash. I also need natural shampoo cos the regular stuff sometimes irritates my scalp cos of all the different chemicals it has in it. If anyone knows where I can get these kinds of products please let me know. I am also having a bit of trouble finding good multivitmains here? They seem more expensive here and generally not as good as the ones back home. The choice here seems very limited so if someone knows a good place I would love to hear about it. Cheers , Erick

Erick, I think the style here is generally more like ‘whole food’ than ‘health food’ – that is, smaller, family-run businesses which have more of the organic produce and less of the vitamins and other health products. But you might find what you want.

A Canadian woman was going to show me where a few health/wholefood shops were in town, but I never got round to doing that and now she’s back in Canada. I can tell you of one shop only, but that’s out of town a bit.

Do you know Donghai University? The place is more or less across from there, on the right side of Taichungkang (Zhonggang) Road as you go out of town. It’s in a big yellow building which I think is a garden centre.

Thanks Joe Sax. I will have to check it out sometime. I just noticed this reply that you made months ago. I think I checked the post I made for about the first 10 days and then just forgot about it.