Where is an art supply store?

i did a search for this but came up with nothing useful. (maybe i’m wrong).

Can anyone tell me where there is an art store or where i can get some art utencils and supplies.


There are tons of them in and around the lanes and alleys off of Shi-Da Rd, in the student ghetto. Sorry, no addresses for you, but if you take a stroll around the area, I’m sure you’ll stumble across what you need.

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yes, and if you walk from shi da along Heping towards roosevelt you’ll find a few too.

If you know where Grandma Nitti’s is, there’s a really great art store one lane up (in the direction toward Hoping Road) from it. Look for a now-faded red sign with yellow characters on it. It’s on the left side of the lane if you’re looking from Longchuan Street over toward Shita Road. I’ve been buying stuff from them for years, and their prices are pretty much the best I’ve found; plus, they usually have things. I think she told me once that they’re the distributor for Windsor-Newton in Taiwan but I may be mistaken about that.

thanks for your help. i actually found one too, in Shihlin. i went there on sat evening but it was closed. the photos of the store on their website looked like it was a pretty big store (forgot the website but did a google for “art supplys taipei” or was it taiwan??)

for anyone who is interested the details are:

Chung Guh Art Supply store
Wenlin road, no 480, 2nd floor

Near the train station, you can also try (I think it’s called) John’s. It’s in the big round building right on the corner of Chungshan and Chunghsiao Roads, 2nd floor. You go directly up a flight of stairs that is visible (inside a doorway that is open when the store is open) from the outside as you look at hte building from the front. Their selection isn’t as great as the one near Shi-ta in my experience (at least not for what I do) but their store is bigger.