Where is the SHAME?

Protruding female butts make me want to?

  • Pour in a cold beer.
  • Call the police.
  • Take my wife/girlfriend shopping for new jeans and a thong!
  • Run my finger along it and lick off the sweat.
  • Faint!

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Am I the only one on this forum who is disturbed by Taiwanese girls wearing such low-cut jeans that…well, as a friend of mine said “Looks like the Grand Canyon. A mile deep and millions have seen it.” While walking down the street yesterday, I was once more confronted by a protruding pigu. I walked over to the girl and I…

Very grand indeed.

Wouldn’t catch this foreign lass dead in those pants…

I wished I would have had a phone with camera when I went to Grandma Nitti’s (last time I ever went there!) on Saturday for a late breakfast in the afternoon.
Sitting at the table across from me was a quite pretty xiao jie with her bf and she obviously didn’t notice that her low-cut jeans slipped all the way under her buttocks while seated and sometimes she would lean forward giving full sight to her thong and buttocks. :shock:

That said I don’t think it’s “disturbing”, personally I don’t really care; after all, everyone has to decide for him/herself how the dress and how much they want to show (off) …

If the “walls” of the “Grand Canyon” weren’t so “sheer”, but had more “contours”, the vista would be visually breathtaking…

I’m thinking of JLo National Park…

Is Omni really allowed to vote 4 times. Cause that’s how the vote stands at the moment.

I think a thong goes very nicely with skirts or jeans, though one doesn’t have to show off said thong to be sexy. Does make one wonder why the young lass feels it is necessary to show it off to more than just her boyfriend.

Sometimes when I see large panties protruding from jeans, I have an almost irresistable urge to pull them up sharply in a classic “wedgie” manuever. I would never do that with a thong though, as it could cause permanent damage :laughing: :laughing: .

well, you all know what i voted for :sunglasses:

that is all

But it sure doesn’t hurt. :laughing:

Sadly I think this thread is a year too late. Nonetheless, I’m pleased to see that the poster backed the thrust of the argument with pictoral evidence thereby leaving little room for confusion.

Personally I thought there was more of the canyon on show last year, making for particularly hazardous/joyous scooting in the summer months.

In any case its all to be absolutely encouraged.

BTW. I’m curious if anyone has actually stacked a scoot/car while ogling?
I did have a female friend admit to doing so once.


Dear all,

I thought that was already out of fashion?


Maybe you would be happier in a nudist colony.

I can agree that for two people who are fornicating in the park in broad daylight we should ask the question “Where is the shame?”, since when is the human butt something to be ashamed about . . . . . I don’t get it.

God gave everyone a butt . . . . . so it is in the mold, so to speak. Why is that something to be ashamed of? I agree that defacating in public is not nice, but I am complaining about the feces . . . . . I have no problem with the butt . . . . . . . after it is cleaned up anyway.

So some girl wears clothes that show her crack . . . . . in an office environment, it is probably not appropriate. But after hours, or in a more casual environment . . . . . . what is the big deal?

On the TV now they are reporting Taiwanese restaurants which have girls in bikinis to serve the food. Now to Amish people, that is totally inappropriate, but for the rest of us . . . . . . do I hear any objections out there in the peanut gallery???

It would appear you answered the rhettoricial question. This leaves me then free to offer another answer. . . only if you suddenly start appearing in public in a pair of low slung hipsters.


Please accept my apologies in advance for this…

In Kaohsiung, there are…um…ah… ladies who ride their scooters wearing very high miniskirts and no “unmentionables” underneath. They are called “Muffriders” and though they are seldom seen, they are out there. I think the crack shots are pretty mild compared to what is sometimes seen at the opposite stoplight.

It looks as if we in Taipei might lose Omni to Gaohsiung very soon :laughing: :laughing:

Yes I can well imagine the lasses of Kaohsiung have adopted certain appealing measures to deal with the heat. If only it were as acceptable for me to do likewise in my loongi.


I’d rather see the grand canyon and its occasionaly present thong on any psycho xiaojie walking down the street then any plumber, electrician, psycho xianshneg… anyday.

And, I’m sure blueface just wanted to post the pix. not pick on the chicks.


God, it’s hot down here in Kaohsiung – and I’m almost choking to death from the fumes in the middle of this busy intersection.

It has crossed my mind that some of the display of butt cleavage might be due to the girls not having any other kind of cleavage to display.

But of course, I absolutely love it – and the smaller the butt, the better it looks.

Exhibitionism is a wonderful trait, especially in good-looking women. It’s also a very normal and natural part of human sexual behaviour, though sadly it’s all too often suppressed.

I had a Taiwanese girlfriend a few years back who was fond of going out in a skirt with nothing underneath. I approved entirely. She had a great bod, honed by years of competitive ice-skating, and could guarantee a wonderful treat for any lucky guy who could catch a glimpse of those pretty parts.

So how would (or do) you guys feel about your wives, girlfriends and mistresses going out and about in low-cut hipsters or other revealing attire? I’m all in favour, as long as I think she has something worth showing.

My wife, no…somebody’s elses wife…I think it is an outstanding idea.

Hey Omni, take a spin down Wufu or Liu He RDs. Most of then have been seen on those two roads.

I’m not the only pervert here then