Where is this? {Pic Quiz: World}




Hint: It’s near the southern most tip of its landmass


Struis Bay


found it


awesome :earth_africa:

my next hint was going to be an Austronesian language is spoken there


Name my hometown

Should be easy






My next hometown will be impossible to guess.


Looking for name of city.



Is that touchay?

Next one is going to be reeaallllly difficult


Which Perth?


It could be a model of Perth, and now we have to guess where the model is hosted at


Oh come on,

Perth australia, cbd looking south





And now, boys and girls, for my impossible one

Name of the nearest major city




Ha ha! Nein!


No hints?


I’m processing a hint, hang on


OK so I just realized there are two places with the exact same name and I messed up and posted the wrong one. So I widened it to guess the name of the nearest city. Population of the city is more than one million


I guess I have to wait for somebody else to guess.