Where is this? {Pic Quiz: World}

Alright, we had fun over at the Taiwan Travel department with the Where is this? {Picture Quiz: Taiwan} game.

Let’s do an international edition.

Here are the RULES:

  • Post images of places anywhere in the world and ask where it is (country, area, region, city, landmark, etc.)
  • Post new images only after the last has been guessed correctly.
  • Next image is posted by the person who got the right answer.
  • If that person does not post an image within 2 hours, anyone else can step in.
  • Please don’t post images that are too hard to guess. If you do, stick around and give hints.
  • State clearly what you want to be guessed (country, city, or specific place, etc.)
  • No consecutive guesses by the same poster. Please wait at least 10 minutes until someone else has made a guess before you guess again. Also No multiple guesses in the same post.
  • Guessing posts in this thread should not be changed at all from now on once they have been made, if you post that’s your guess, period. If you change your mind, wait for another guesser or wait 10 minutes.
  • This time we’ll have 10 levels. For each correct guess you get a point. After you have collected 10 points, you’ll move to the next level (last game it was nine).
  • Winner is who gets the 10th correct guess on Level 10 (is that 100 correct guesses in total?)
  • I’ll do the leader board as before, cause I like to be in charge… :wink:

[If you have any suggestions for these rules let me know. They are not set in stone. It’s all just digital, you know.]

I’ll do the first one if you don’t mind, an easy one.

Name the city

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some university?

You are on the right track

Trinity College in Dublin


Here we go again…

:trophy: Dr_Milker: :earth_africa:

OK, another easy one.

No. 2



You got the right continent.

Got it. Let’s give someone else the chance first, though… :slight_smile:

Classy move.

Great Mosque of Djenné


No. 2

name city and building

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hansioux: :earth_africa:

Says Emergency. Must be a hospital of some kind.

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Is it in Scotland?

not in Scotland, but definitely an Anglophone country.

No one has guessed mine yet. Your image name gave the location away, but as I have lived in El Paso for 3 years, I can tell you it’s UTEP without the hint.

Please read the rules before playing…