Where is this? {Picture Quiz: Taiwan}

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  • One :cookie: for correct answer.
  • One :pie: for ten cookies.
  • One :milk_glass: for ten pieces of pie.
  • One :coffee: for ten glasses of milk.
  • One :champagne: for ten cups of coffee
  • One :bone: for ten bottles of champagne

and so on…


Dragon Tiger Pagoda in Kaoshiung

Yes. And where is it?

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c’mon, google his exact answer. i just did…

Well I know Lotus Lake but it’s such a terrible picture I thought it was somewhere else in the mountains or something.

true dat!
almost like a drone with low pixel count took the pic.

Why don’t we make this thread into a game?

One poster shows a picture. Others try to figure out where (in Taiwan) it was shot?

Where is this?


Taoyuan Valley!!!

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Where is this?

We had recently been to that spotl!

Didn’t go further though…




Number 4

Where is this? #forumosaquiz

its in the middle of the city. Every cabby will know it, its near one of the MRT stops, maybe 10-15 mins walk

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Jinlong lake in Xizhi



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Where is this?

Dragon Tiger Pagoda in Kaoshiung?

You’re about 300 kilometers off.

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Linsen Park.

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