Where is this? {Pic Quiz: World}



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I was sure on the city, but not so much about the park.

Next is who and where is this?


By the uniform I think it’s a statue of some Japanese WW2 pilot… I can’t find the statue though.


Can’t you improve a little bit the quality?
I can’t even tell if this is a statue of someone or just an abstract one…


Looks like a weird photo of this guy:

Nurken Abdirov, Karaganda, Kazakhstan


that would then be the second photo from Kazakhstan that Tando picked.


:earth_americas: for you.


Actually it’s the third I believe


Yes, third one.

@hansioux was right that it is a Ww2 hero.


Continuing the statue theme, but far easier

Looking for name of city


Taubenbrunnen, Cologne, Germany


Right continent, wrong country


Yep, you got it.



Prague, Czech Republic








Schlossbergplatz in Graz, Austria


ding ding ding :earth_africa:

you can get a glimpse of the famous clock tower in the background


Well… my globe count is climbing at a snail’s pace.