Where is this? {Pic Quiz: World}



Tando gets the globe. Whoever guesses the exact location of the cat gets another one.




Where is that? In Osaka?


HBG hall?
I cannot find the cat.


You are getting further away from the spot. Now 1k off.


There aren’t that many places with that many trees downtown Hiroshima. It has to be right around the Peace park, and closer to the south side of it. It’s super hard to find though.


It may have moved since then.




Alright 130 meters from the dome. Northern entrance, Aioi Road.

:earth_africa: :earth_africa:

Please confirm the correctness of the count…


:trophy: Dr_Milker: :sunrise_over_mountains: :sunrise_over_mountains: :sunrise_over_mountains: :sunrise_over_mountains:
tando: :beach_umbrella: :beach_umbrella:
geajvop: :beach_umbrella: :beach_umbrella:
RickRoll: :earth_africa: :earth_africa: :earth_africa: :earth_africa: :earth_africa: _ :earth_africa: :earth_africa: :earth_africa: :earth_africa:
shiadoa: :earth_africa: :earth_africa: :earth_africa: :earth_africa: :earth_africa: _ :earth_africa: :earth_africa:
ma3xiu1: :earth_africa: :earth_africa: :earth_africa: :earth_africa: :earth_africa: _ :earth_africa:
hannes: :earth_africa: :earth_africa: :earth_africa: :earth_africa: :earth_africa: _ :earth_africa:
tango42: :earth_africa: :earth_africa: :earth_africa:
hansioux: :earth_africa: :earth_africa: :earth_africa:
Gain: :earth_africa: :earth_africa:
Liam_Og: :earth_africa: :earth_africa:
Mick: :earth_africa:
Fei-Fan: :earth_africa:
tempogain: :earth_africa:


how can the cat be at the Dome if it is 600m to the sports center but only 300 to the Peace memorial park?


How those globes are converted to a parasol? 10 globes are 1 parasol? Or 9 globes?


After you have collected 10 globes, you start collecting sunbrellas


That’s what Google maps directions told me. I counted from Hiroshima Green Arena, that’s the center of the sports park.


I think @geajvop has one more parasol on beach.


I think he used the walking distance feature in Google maps


Alright, everybody prepare for a new Kazakhstan pic from @tando


Where is this? Name of the place.


Please…no more Kazakhstan…



Anyone else?