Where is this? {Picture Quiz: Taiwan}


We could also keep scores. One :cookie: for one correct guess. :slight_smile:


Alright you can be the cookie manager who awards them. but I don’t know if Discourse has the functionality to keep a scoreboard/scorecard.


Windy, I’m waiting for a new photo.

And, when and from who can I get my cookies I collect here?


Interesting question, I also wonder if Windy has the functionality to hand over a pic (cookie is a bonus if you have that also please hand it over)


from the cookie monster… in your dreams…


To whoever’s doing the cookie shopping, my preference is double chocolate chip. Thanks!


No. 37. Hint will be provided if asked.


Northeast Coast


need to be specific.


Lai Lai


Not NEcoast. It’s further down from “northeast coast” as described here https://guidetotaipei.com/visit/northeast-coast

Sorry, no idea what this is.




Beiguan Tidal park, Yilan



:cookie: for No. 37 !


Damn, beat me by seconds!


You beat me too.


Lai Lai is a bit further north from Beiguan, never mind…


OK just a little bit down the coast from the last one. Want a specific location to take the point.


Yea, and there are rocks like that in Lai lai too.


I guess the uncropped image for No. 37 would have made it even easier.

From Lailai the island would not be seen at that angle.