Where is this? {Picture Quiz: Taiwan}


No no


Funny, I tried to do the same and got this exact same place.


My yellow man was dropped under water nearby ishigaki…


mine too if I zoomed out all the way.


dunhua civic blvd intersection. That bank building?


No. 271 is on a southern half of taiwan.


Travesty. I thought the point of the game was to post pictures you’d taken on your travels around Taiwan. :wall:


This time, I cheated from Google.

Oops, my previous one too.


I declare myself the winner on account of all of my photos were taken by myself.



I’ve tried to take some photos for this thread, but found it is not easy.

Hint for no.271: some critical information in the image
One is obvious, the others are not so much.


Except for a satellite one, all of mine are my own photos as well.


I’ve had a good mix. But used Google Maps for quite a few


No one ever said that.


I just said it. I’m applying it retroactively and awarding myself a medal.

Honestly though it’d be a much better quiz. Right now the only skill involved is the skill of image searching. Why not extend the quiz to the entire planet?


You are the weener! :sparkles:


Cause in its title it says “Picture Quiz: Taiwan”?


no, the skill required is how to read key information from the image.


Yeah almost all the images aren’t image searchable.


Flying Cow Ranch?


271 is on a southern part of taiwan.
Though, you are on the right track.