Where to buy a house for 2.5 mil or less?

My friend wants to register his church. In order to do this, according to the government’s rules, he needs to buy a house or apartment for use as a headquarters.

He has a budget for this of 2.5 million NT. How realistic is this? And if you were him, where would you look?

The house or apartment should have a big room, suitable for services–preferably on the first floor. It should be near some form of transportation. Anywhere in the area along Taipei-to-Hsinchu would probably be okay, since current members live all over the area. Oh yeah–and the place should be zoned to permit a church.

I’ve heard of Tsui Ma-Ma, but do they do selling as opposed to renting? Other real estate agents you would recommend?

So what happened?

What kind of “church” was your friend trying to register?

I hear Alabama is fairly cheap. :sunglasses: