Where to buy a used iPhone in Taipei?

I am now living in Taipei. I want to buy a used iPhone. Should I buy it in online shops like momo,… or have any good store to buy it in Taipei? Thank you

I have a working-ish iPhone 5S.
Would you be interested in it?

There are facebook groups… they often have phones for sale.

Just so you know Apple kinda hates right to repair, and so if you buy a recent iphone (iphone 12 and over) they cannot be repaired at all. So you must not only make sure the parts are original and that the battery health is actually good. Iphone’s internal battery count isn’t accurate and only Coconut Battery will give you an accurate reading. But you are SOL if you do not have a mac.

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Is this true?

Very. iOS will lock all parts that are not paired to that particular phone based on the serial number for each part. They will either not work or refuse to work right. Your only recourse after this is jailbreak it and install an OS other than iOS. Nobody knows how to get the parts paired correctly.

In fact a replacement battery will not even charge even if it shows that it’s charging!

I didn’t know that, I just replaced battery on my iPhone 7 was simple enough, genuine one and all working good, seems best I don’t upgrade to new iPhone.

That’s a real bummer.

that’s pre iphone X

Starting with iphone X they started pairing parts to a particular phone. They did that with battery. I had an iphone XR that refused to charge after an update because of this.

Then from iphone 12 and onwards they did it to every single part, and the phone will be effectively broken if parts are replaced.

Could battery be replaced at a apple store?
Possibly to expensive if they could.

Yes, but they charge so much you might as well buy a new phone.

As if one needed another reason to never buy an Apple product.

Incredibly wasteful for the planet.


But not including a headphone or cable is somehow “environmental responsibility”?

I think to save the planet you must break the global economy, since everything is based on consumption.