Where to buy Age of Conan

Seeing as I’ve given up my WOW addiction* and need a new fix. Does anyone know where to pick up an English copy of Age of Conan? I can;t be bothered to pay for shipping and would like the convenience of just picking it up at a store or from BFM if he still sells those kind of things.


Nice avvie, dude.
If the enquiry is for PC, I’d like to know too.

I’m afraid I’m not doing that anymore.

I saw a post where housecat mentioned it. After a really painful snafu with a Taiwanese bank yesterday and me out $5,000NT because of their screw up with no likely favorable recourse. I’m not keen to send money overseas or have things shipped to me.

I loved “The Wire” and Omar was one of my favorite characters. I’m actually glad they ended the series rather than drag it out for all it’s worth. I still miss it though and most shows fail miserably compared to it’s ability to capture real life details.


No more shiny stuff.
How old is Conan anyway?