Where to buy an APC UPS?

Does anyone know where one might buy an APC UPS in Taiwan? Is there an authorized dealer or anything? It’s not something the average home user would buy, so I doubt they have them at the PC Marts, or Electronics stores.

If you go to any Tom-net store in Taiwan, you can usually ask them to order one for you.

The Tom-net by the computer market (Kwang Hwa) will look up and order one for sure.

Their website is http://www.tomorrow.com.tw

Good god, any 3C has a few of them, and at very good prices too. Have you ever looked around any computer store in Taiwan?

3C is too expensive and their customer service sucks. Seems they change their policies day to day as well. I hate them.

Go to Nova or under the bridge in the Kwang Hwa computer market. You’ll get the best prices there.