Where to buy fresh mango in Taipei?

While i found lots of local vendors and supermarkets that sell fruit, they never have mangos. Where can i get mangos during this time?

You better wait until July/August next year.

If you don’t mind imports and high prices, try Jason’s or City Super. They sometimes have them.

I believe mango season was over a couple months ago, and with the amount of typhoon damage this year, it may be hard to find local fresh mango.

As others have said, it’s the wrong season for mangoes. Fruit in Taiwan still follows seasonal growing patterns–and buying in season will help you get good fruit. Among other choices, the fall persimmons and some of Taiwan’s awesome winter citrus are in the markets. Hope you find something you like!


Rip mangoes for this year :sweat: Their peak period has been extremely short lived due to all the typhoons hitting the South. Prices this year must have been 2x compared to last year’s. Feelsbadman.

I’ve had some good and reasonably priced papayas recently.

Actually it wasn’t the typhoons that killed the mango crops this year, it was the extreme cold weather we had at the beginning of the year.

Picked up some sweet ones today at PX Mart. Not sure if from Taiwan or not.

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If it has a sticker on it that says Philippines, then it’s not local.

I was wondering about that.

Picking or peeling mangoes can cause rash: dermatologist