Where to buy Lite-On LVD-2001 or LVD-2002 in Taipei City


I am looking for either the Lite-On LVD-2001 or LVD-2002 DVD players in Taipei City. I went to guang1 hua2 sang1 chang3 trying to look for them, but I do not see any stores that carry them. I would assume that since Lite-On is based in Taiwan, these players would be quite readily available around here? I see them only being sold by Canadian and US retailers, but if I can pick them up locally, it would be much easier…does anybody have any idea where I might be able to find these players? Sorry, I only came back to Taipei to live about a month ago, so I am not very familiar with where to get stuff around here…I thought the best place would be guang1 hua2 sang1 chang3, but wandering around and looking in the stores, I did not see them…if somebody could help, it would be greatly appreciated. Thanx!!!

Just get the store to order it for you, you’ll have to put down a deposit but its no big deal. When I couldn’t find a DVD burner I wanted a few weeks back thats what I did, got it hassle free.

if they have a web site see if there’s a list of local distributors and contact the taiwan one, or e-mail them and ask them.

Thanx for the suggestions…I E-mailed Liteon, but no reply…I did some further snooping online, and found a few Taiwanese retailers, but their prices are MUCH higher than the prices in US/Canada…anyhow, I ended up buying the Next Base MDV1…it is small, compact, plays pretty much any format you can throw at it (except Xvid and Divx), and it is region free out of the box so I can play the DVD’s I brought back…cost me only 2800NT at Guanghwa Market…thanx for the help everybody!