Where to buy protein powder?

Hi all

where can I find protein powder in Banqiao?

i’ve cruised around the past day on my scooter trying to find a health store and haven’t run across anything as of yet


If you’re prepared to buy a costco card you can get it there and is pretty cheap but, they only sell the big 2 kilo size buckets and only stock a couple of varieties. I picked up a 2 kilo bag for under NT$2000

The other option is Yahoo Bid these guys seem to have a good range: tw.user.bid.yahoo.com/tw/user/Y1629328082


Check out Miracle Growth, ask for Daniel Lin, I buy all my protein from there. Very good quality protein at good price, he speaks English.

We carry two types of whey: unflavored, unsweetened pure concentrate from New Zealand, and Syntrax Nectar whey isolate. The unflavored concentrate is more for guys that want to bulk and will be having protein in a shake with milk, etc. The Syntrax Nectar is meant to be taken for fat loss training and is the best tasting, best dissolving protein I’ve ever had. Check it out:

Thanks all
Found some


Well You can get protein powder from Gym where you do workout and also you can take foods which contain protein in excess and that is the best way to take protein . Foods that include protein are as follows:

White Eggs

Protein Powder is concerned with Muscles building and also for fitness . These are free from side effects as well .