Where to exchange NTD in the US

I returned to the US from Taiwan (not going back) and I brought 50,000 NTD with me. I should have exchanged it in Taiwan, too late now. I have been researching seems like TD Bank has the best exchange rate in the U.S. Does anyone know of any alternatives to exchange NTD cash once already in the US?

To avoid punitive exchange rate fees, your best bet may be to find a Taiwanese person, or a person who plans to visit Taiwan, to change money with you at the official rate.

The long-standing golden rule about NT$ is you change it into other currencies inside Taiwan.


Don’t know anyone who will go there so not sure what to do with that

I went to my bank and they said they can’t exchange any currency. I’ll try calling again, loads of morons at my bank though, think the lady was on crack cocaine, went to get a SIM card for my phone while im in the states and the vendor was high as a kite. Great way to start my first week back.

Anyway, have you tried the big malls? I currently have the same problem, im going to try the international mall next.

I researched exchange rates few banks take NTD so I found TD bank which seems to have the best rate, Western union doesn’t seem to exchange it either, I’m going to call the airport I read someone got better rates at an airport than a bank so idk

curious to know. Got some ntd I need to exchange too.

You could do it at the airport in your city, but it would have to be a large one like Houston, LAX, SFO, etc.

Expect crap exchange rates.

try a mega bank branch in the us?

分行名稱 SWIFT Code 地址 服務電話 傳真電話
紐約分行 ICBCUS33 Add:65, Liberty Street, New York, NY 10005, U.S.A.Google地圖
Email:NYB.SEC@megaicbc.com 1-212-6084222 1-212-6084943
洛杉磯分行 ICBCUS6L Add:445 South Figueroa Street, Suite 1900,Los Angeles, CA 90071,U.S.A.Google地圖
Email:la@megabank.com.tw 1-213-4893000 1-213-4891183
芝加哥分行 ICBCUS4C Add:2, North La Salle Street, Suite 1803, Chicago, IL 60602, U.S.A.Google地圖
Email:icbcus4c@ameritech.net 1-312-7829900 1-312-7822402
矽谷分行 ICBCUS6S Add:333 West San Carlos Street, Suite 100, Box 8, San Jose, California 95110 U.S.A.Google地圖
Email:SVB1@megabank.com.tw 1-408-2831888 1-

this is an excellent idea thank you so much!

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If you’re in NY there must be ways.