Where to find a heavy duty household cleaner (involves human waste)?

Does anyone have any suggestions for a heavy duty cleaner that is willing to clean a bathroom with human waste in it? Long story short, my dad is old and ill, and apparently has clogged up the toilet with feces and other debris over the months. My mom gave up on trying to clean the bathroom.

I guess what we need to do is first unclog the toilet before deep cleaning the entire bathroom. My mom says the cleaners she’s contacted all bailed when they heard about the scope of the cleanup.


Hazmat teams?

Or maybe a plumber… they’re used to dealing with this.

Be prepared to pay $$$

What type of cleaners has your mom contacted?

From what I’ve seen personally and heard from others, individual cleaners/maids in Taiwan are pretty limited in terms of how much they’ll do compared to places like the US. And I can’t imagine that in the midst of a pandemic, there are a lot of cleaners willing to deal with biohazards for the rates that are typical here.

For something like this, I’d probably try to find a cleaning service or as @Taiwan_Luthiers suggested a plumber that focuses on commercial clients and see if there’s an amount you could pay them to handle a one-time residential job.

Thanks guys. My mom actually contacted plumbers, but when they heard of the mess described over the phone, non followed up.

In the West I know there are septic tank cleaners that are used to this type of clean up, but I don’t know if they exist in Taiwan.

Hi. Drain cleaners based on Sodium Hydroxide are your friends. Unclogs and destroys all organic matter.

It’s cheap and effective.

I think she tried those already. The thing is there’s inorganic matter in the pipe as well, such as plastic bags etc. We need a professional.


I got nothin else. Sorry.

There’s septic tank teams here for sure. Some households aren’t on the sewage mainline so you’ll still see the trucks pumping the shit out in old neighborhoods.

Thanks Rocket I’ll check them out!

Yea your best bet may be guys who cleans septic tanks.

By the way if you need to get rid of inorganic stuff (bath sponges, plastic bags, etc.) sulfuric acid drain cleaners will deal with them. But if the drain is so badly clogged then even those may not work.

It’s pretty bad apparently. My dad has Parkinson’s and isn’t all there. Apparently the washroom has been building up for months to the current unimaginable state.

I guess the other problem is, what floor are you on.

I mean they don’t really get septic tanks on the upper floor so they will not be equipped to do anything above first floor.

But I would think if they can pump septic tanks they can also do heavy cleaning.

Yeah good point. My parent’s place is up on the 6th.

Have you called the septic tank cleaners and asked for advise? I’m sure they have people who does heavy cleaning…

They do, in Taiwan there are septic tanks too.