Where to fix kevlar?

I have some riding pants that got a broken seam - not so much that I need to replace the pants but want to get it fixed. question is where.
does anyone know a shop in greater taipei where it could be done?
the kevlar is of the wide-meshed kind, like a net, for summer conditions.
any input is welcome
thanks and be safe

What brand are they, and where did you buy them? I read that some like Motoport do repair work. Try contacting your retailer.

If the material is intact and only the stitching of the seam came undone, you probably just need an ordinary seamstress – they’re all over. Or grab a needle and some strong nylon thread and sew it yourself if it’s a small spot. :idunno:

If the mesh material itself is torn or has come unwoven to the point that stitching of the seam won’t hold, I seriously doubt you’re going to find anyone in Taiwan who has the right kind of kevlar thread and knowledge of how to expertly repair a mesh area so it looks good, but a bit of darning with a strong nylon thread should hold it together.

If you want it to look new, in the latter case you probably need to replace the mesh panel. Kevlar mesh is such a highly specialized product that you probably couldn’t find it locally. You might get some mesh material by the yard online and have a seamstress replace the whole panel. But check with your retailer and mfr. first; some will send repair material so you can have a local seamstress replace a panel.

thanks for such a detailed response, will do.
i bought the pants at dacham in taipei, maybe a year ago. its a rather cheap brand and the seam tore on the bum - where else?
so i’ll ask them. hopefully they can deliver.

i have asked another guy from another store and he said: why getting it fixed for a thou’ when you can buy a chinese “original” here in my store for 3K? - thanks buddy, but i rather pass on that offer. made my experiences with originals from there.

ok, so hopefully i get that done soon, warmer season is upon us.
thanks again. will report if they know someone and how the result looks like

Consider having the seamstress put in a gusset (extra piece of material) there. That will take the stress off of the seat seam and crotch. You see gussets like that in jeans made for high kicks, for example. Just use a strong material of the same color as the original, like maybe a cordura nylon.

jeans for high kicks?

the new ALL-DENIM tae kwon do killer uniform.

+1 on the gusset idea. also bar tacks at the end of stressd seams.

Pratt Hobbies (a rocketry supplier I have used back when I was in the USA) sells Kevlar threads for rocketry purposes. Highly doubt you are gonna find kevlar thread locally, so…


indeed no chance. i’ve tried and asked and asked and tried, no way anyone can fix it.
damn. was a good one. at one shop the guy offered to stitch viscose silk over it just to cover the area where the seam broke!!
i mean, how bad can it actually go? i recognize the will to help though…
well, had no other choice than to buy a new one (did it in germany and got 2-year warranty on it) and to keep the old one as a spare. only hope it will not be too hot in summer. maybe someone has the same or similar, its a mohawk mvs-1. they sell them in europe by the truckload.