Where to get an Open Work Permit after you get your APRC?

Yes, but for APRC holders, the tried and tested course is to obtain an OWP. You should already be allowed to work, but who wants to argue with a bureaucrat or police officer?

OK. Point taken.

So is this just a formality and a matter of filling out a form and paying some cash, or is it a whole application process that needs to be repeated every so often?

Iirc you just need to get a new one when you renew your APRC, but I’ll leave it for people who’ve actually done it to explain. :slight_smile:


It’s quick and easy (same-day pick up) and I think it was like 200 NT. There’s no expiration date on the card. Just has your name, birthday, passport number, APRC number, and issue date.

I let my employer make a copy of it so they no longer have to reapply for a work permit.


Thanks for the heads up.

No Q. :wink:

I just went there (勞動力發展署 Labor Development Agency in Taipei.
Address: 台北市中正區中華路一段39號) today.

I’ve had an APRC for several years, so I brought that, my passport, and a photo (they didn’t require a name chop but bring one if you got one). The bi-lingual instructions on the 10th Floor tell you to ask the (very friendly and helpful) security/service guy to help you. He retrieved a form, helped me fill it out and made a copy of my APRC and passport (NT$4 fee). He asked me if I wanted to pick the OWP up or mailed to me. I opted to pick it up myself and filled out a short form stating so. I took a number, sat down for 45 seconds at which time I was called to the front desk to a nice lady who collected my papers and asked if I wanted to come back another day to pick it up or wait an hour to get it (:rofl:) – this was around 3:15, theoretically if you don’t come too late in the day, you can have it after a relaxing lunch downstairs (I believe they are closed ~12:00-1:30). I returned at 4 and was out of there by 4:15 with the OWP in hand.

Out of over 20 years living here, I’ve had nothing but great experiences with my interactions with the government here … something that probably all other governments around the world could learn from.

So how soon after getting an APRC should you get the OWP? What if you are already working? There appears to be some fuzziness if holding an APRC and married to an ROC national and work permissions. I get that APRC holders need an OWP, just wanting details. Is Taipei the only place to get it?

If you’re married to a Taiwanese citizen, it’s technically not necessary. However, since the APRC doesn’t indicate whether or not you’re married to a local, it’s better to just get an Open Work Permit anyway. It’s quick and painless.

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Since apparently Taipei is the only place to get the OWP and I don’t live in Taipei, “quick and painless” does not apply. However, thanks for the reply!

That does not seem right. I mean, it would be illogical and antibureacratic.

I had to take the day off of work to go to Taipei to get mine. Other than that, it was quick and painless.

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Second this,
Lost my wallet due to unfortunate incident with a very spicy food.
I got blacked-out and (unwittingly) throw my wallet somewhere on-the-way home on-a-bicycle.
Inside all the bank ATMs, my APRC, NHI card and the open work permit card.
The route shall be:

  1. Police, ask for a lost report (not so friendly, rather rude, but helpful and no-hassle, that’s the most important)
  2. Cancel/block all the ATM cards (call the number in your bank book or come directly)
  3. After that, all below must use (1).
  4. Apply for new APRC (NT 1000), (friendly and helpful)
  5. Wait 14 days (for New Taipei)
  6. Use new APRC to make new ATM cards (each for NT 100-200), insurance card (NT 200) and open work permit (NT 100) (all bank officers all friendly and helpful, so does the officers in NHI and LDA office)
  7. ATM cards usually need 4-7 days, NHI card 30 minutes and open work permit 1-2 hours.
  8. All done taking only 2 days of leave. Can’t imagine that could happen anywhere else.

Losing money, regardless the amount, is always painful.

If you are already working for someone providing you a work permit, I suppose it doesn’t matter - it didn’t for me; but when you leave that job, I would get it … it’s not a bad thing to have and show a potential new employer, likely less hassle for them in hiring you (I imagine), and might be the ‘straw’ that gets you the job over someone else who doesn’t have one. And yes, I picked mine up at the Taipei office because I live here, easy enough … call (or have a local help) the office, can’t imagine people have to come from all over Taiwan to Taipei for that … nothing I did at the office seemed to necessitate my presence.

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Great to hear … I’ve make copies of my important cards, and if i’m going places where I’m ‘likely’ not to need them – trips to store, errands, back and forth to work, etc, I just bring copies … okay, ATM card I always bring. I try not to carry around orignals too often – even if I leave my NHI card home and get wacked by a bus, I pay a little more up front (I got my ATM with me) for the hospital fee, but can get it back within a week when I return with my card. Can’t imagine too many reasons to always carry around OWP and some other cards with me…heck, even having a decent copy of your driver’s license/ownership papers might be cool here in Taiwan if stopped (I don’t know, never been stopped, use your own judgement). Anything to help reduce ‘document exposure’ and 'spicy food after effects! :wink:

I do not carry my PARC with me. Actually, since NHI card is less expensive -100ntd- and less of a hassle to change, I carry that. My EasyCard. One credit card. Debit only if there is the possibility of shopping. Work ID. Yep, losses happen.

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Is there anyway to get an open work permit without going in person?

Sure there is. Here are some step by step instructions.

  1. Do a forum search for “Open Work Permit”.

  2. Read the thread.

  3. Follow the instructions laid out.

  4. Pay it forward by coming back to the forum and telling about your most recent experience.

Here. I did step one for you. Took 20 seconds!