Where to get nicorette gum or the patch?

does anyone know where i can find nicotine gum or the patch in or around taipei? is it something that can be bought OTC?

my wife and i are trying to get my father-in-law to quit smoking (he has the need to light up literally 1 minute out of bed…) and this is the best way we can think of other than cold turkey…which would probably kill him…or us…

Watson’s has the gum. I don’t know about the patch.

I’ve heard that a locals insurance covers the patch and you can see a doctor here and they will subscribe the patch and you only pay a fraction of the cost.

thanks for that info…

unfortunately, we don’t have a chance in hell of convincing dad to go see a doctor for the patch…

guess i’ll have to hit up watsons tonight!

thanks for that info…

unfortunately, we don’t have a chance in hell of convincing dad to go see a doctor for the patch…

guess I’ll have to hit up watsons tonight![/quote]
That’s a shame, because its not even a fraction. If you get the patch off a doctor (maybe its only certain participating doctors, I don’t know for sure), you don’t have to pay a penny. Some gubmint anti-smoking promotion, according to my wife. I’m supposed to be going for it tonight.

The Taiwan govt is pretty smart in doing this. The cost for the patches is nothing compared to the cost of all those sick people with cancer seeking treatment later.

They have the patch at several pharmacies I’ve been to. If you have to pay for it, it’s a wee bit expensive, around $900 a week.

I forgot the brand, maybe Nicotrol.

How about those nicotine inhalers. Has anyone seen those around?

I’m assuming you are talking about cancer inducing lightable objects that come in packs 20 or so and are commonly available.

If I don’t hear back soon, we will go to the temp forum together. Its quite nice in there so no big deal.

I think peachka is talking about an actual prescription inhaler that I also have heard about. I think it’s kinda like those nasal spray things. Not sarcastic. Has a dose of nicotene per puff/squirt.

Yeah, actually I’m talking about an inhaler, not a cig. In the U.S. you can get a plastic inhaler that looks a little like a cigarette but just gives you a dose of nicotine when you suck on it. No lighting up involved. AFAIK in the States they are still prescription only but I was hoping I might pick one up here over the counter. I think it sort of helps with the psychological craving of wanting something between your fingers and in your mouth. :laughing:

I got given the patch as a perscription when I went to the hospital on Zhong xiao East Sec. 3 (between Da an and Dun Hwa South) near Sogo. They have a stop smoking clinic there I believe.

My friend in NZ was working for a PR firm given charge of promoting those nicotine inhalers. She was a CHAIN smoker herself. She said it looked exactly like a tampon and tried to convince them to change it up or else they’d never get a woman to buy one. :laughing:

I saw those inhalers at watson’s about a year ago. They were pretty cheap so I bought a bunch. I don’t really like it so I switched to the gum again. You can shop around and find the gum for 900 to 1000 nt for the 4mg.
Personally I like the gum. I go on it about once a year when I quit smoking. I told my doctor that I either chew nicotine gum or smoke. He said it’s better to stay on the gum forever rather than smoke but the box recomends no longer than a year.
Does anyone know the harmfull effects of permently chewing nicorett gum?

None that I know of. But it sure as hell doesn’t taste like it’s good for you. In my opinion the negative effect is that you’re drawing out your addiction to the drug that keeps you smoking. As such, your chances of going back remain high as long as you’re chewing the gum.

This week is my year anniversary of not smoking :smiley: , for me it was almost an entirely phsycological battle, not a physical one (despite a pack a day habit). Read the Allen Carr book is my honest advice.

Good luck, it’s easier to quit than you think and you already know how much better you feel when you’re free of the things.

It took me two times to quit using gum. The first time, I asssumed that all I needed to do was chew it, and I’d be cured. Didn’t happen. I chewed the gum when I was inside, and smoked when I got outside.

The second time, I primarily used will power, and used the gum when I began to falter.

I don’t mean to discourage you. Just trying to warn you that your father-in-law will really have to be commited to stopping. The gum ain’t no magic bullet.


Or the cost of nonsmokers getting lung cancer because of second hand smoke…

Or the cost of nonsmokers getting lung cancer because of second hand smoke…[/quote]

Or the cost of all those nonsmokers dying from overdoses of self-righteousness…