Where to go in Kaohsiung?

As the title…
What is worth visiting in Kaohsiung? and where to buy chinese stuff there??
Thank you

If you can, drive to Kenting for the beaches, view of ocean and enjoy the sun would be nice!!

If you are looking for Chinese Stuff, go to the night market (which is Leu Ho), its about 2 miles long with tons of food, snacks, little cutie stuff to get for your family and friends.

I remember there’s a store …i don’t think it has a name… (only open before chinese new year) they sell tons of chinese new year stuffs…it’s in Shin-shin Market… which is near to the Leu Ho night market Miaka mentioned…
if you want you can go to

Liuhe night market is great. Definitely something not to miss. There’s a great food stand about in the middle which has fried fish soup that’s my favorite there. Fried fish soup is apparently originally from Tainan, but I like the one in Gaoxiong much better. Yum.

Hike the mountain! Hike the mountain! It’s bloody great. There are two of them, which is why I told you twice. One’s next to the university and has a zoo and a big temple. The other one is Monkey Mountain and yes you can feed the wild monkeys.

JLICK, U mean tu-tor fish soup? u prolly went to the one which’s the BEST tu-tor fish soup in Kaohsiung

mod lang , have to watch out the monkey stealing ur backpack or peeing on top of ur head