Where to go to get visa extension...?

Ive got no time to search all the threads on this forum, sorry.

Does anyone know the address to which i go to get my Tourist visa extended in Taipei???

This is a major rush…


go to the detention center in Tucheng…

no, just kidding

go here: english.taipei.gov.tw/tcpd/index.jsp

Hooooooooooooo, extension…:stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks boys

For others that would need to extend their visa:

Boca Taipei Headquarters Address 3~5 Fl., 2-2 Chi-Nan Rd., Sec. 1, Taipei , Taiwan, ROC
Phone (02) 2343-2888
Fax (02) 2343-2968
Help Line (03) 393-2628
(03) 398-2629
(03) 398-5805
Service Hour Monday ~ Friday 08:30~17:00

Email post@boca.gov.tw
web: boca.gov.tw/ct.asp?xItem=149 … e=126&mp=2

That is an antique way of writing Jinan.

[quote=“fu xiao”]For others that would need to extend their visa:

Boca Taipei Headquarters Address 3~5 Fl., 2-2 Chi-Nan Rd., Sec. 1, Taipei , Taiwan, ROC [/quote]

Visa extensions are normally handled by the local foreign affairs police office. In Taipei that’s at 96 Yenping Road.


Today has been unsuccessful… :raspberry:

There was no need to travel al the way from Taoyuan - Taipei to extend my visa, i could of done this in my Taoyuan City Police Department. Jezzz…and Taoyuan told us on Monday to go to Taipei…the TW authorities have me running around in circles… :fume:

Now Taipei Forign Affairs also said we should only apply the extension one week before the expire date…is this true???

When I had to apply for my visa extensions they told us we had to wait a week before the expiration date as well. I live in Taoyuan. We went to the Taoyuan city police station for it and they never gave us any problems. It’s also where I got my ARC. Im not sure why they would tell you to go to Taipei…is there a problem with your visa?

No problems with my visa, think its just a case of the Foreign Affairs ppl not understanding my situation well before giving diretion and true information…

My hubby has already taken two days off work to waste time running to Taoyuan F.A office and also Taipei to be given the run around and false information. I hope he doesnt get into trouble with his new job… :unamused:

I telephoned the guys in Taouan again today and i was told i should go to extend my visa 15 days before the expiring date, which means 25th July. If we go there on that date are they gonna send us away empty handed again…!! :raspberry:

Soooo much trouble to do anything here in TW, its like they dont have policies and regulations in which they follow strictly…it all depends of the staff members emotions of that day…uhhhh

Such a pain in the backside…

Its making me very stressed… :unamused:

You got it.

Ahahahaa…success with my visa!!! :bravo:

As it turns out yo should go to extend your tourist visa in your County Foreign Affairs Office seven days before its due to run out.

They can, if you’ve got a valid reason, extend your visa up to 180 days, half a year.

It can be extended four times

It costs nothing extra…

And im on my way to acquiring a JFRC…wooohhhoooo… :slight_smile: