Where to go to send by Fedex in Taipei?

Hey, I want to send a package via Fedex to the UK. Where do I go in Taipei to do this? Do post offices offer this service or do I need to go to a specific Fedex office?

I have a FedEx biz account and sometimes I am just very close to a Chunghwa post. You can do this at any post office although they are usually confused about the process. Just be patient and they will figure it out. Even better if you can login to fedex online and print your forms. Remember you need to describe the item and its HS or HTS code.

There is also a Fedex office in Neihu: https://goo.gl/maps/CyZAwZ8HooWnH4o7A


I’ve seen photo processing shops with the FedEx logo displayed. I’d imagine there’s a pick-up there by FedEx if someone drops off a package/envelope

I’m going back and forth between America and Taiwan a bit and this year, literally three days after arriving here for Chinese New Year w/my wife’s family, there was a document that our sales manager swore up and down absolutely positively needed to be signed in ink and sent back asap. :roll_eyes:

Having never done this before, I got our corp Fedex acct number and called their local number from this page:

…and it was super easy! There was an English-speaking person on the line in less than a minute and they had a driver at my wife’s family’s door in Sanchong dist within two hours with all the paperwork and an overnight envelope for the documents. The driver was nice, but my wife and I were clearly not going to have the forms completed very quickly, so he left and came back an hour later.

Docs were delivered to the East coast in <48hrs.

All told, it was the best Fedex experience I’ve ever had. :sunglasses:

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Eslite used to do it, quick and easy. They must have stopped in the past year or two because the got really confused at the same place I’d been using on occasion for many years.

In theory, documents can be sent from 7-11. I tried it once at the kiosk. The manager seemed unfamiliar. They didn’t have FexEx envelopes but they had DHL. They put the FedEx sticker on it, but I got nervous and asked for a refund.