Where to watch: Mike Tyson vs Roy Jones Jr

I would like to create this topic to share places where to go and watch the fight. It will be a great fight, maybe the last time we will be able to see Mike Tyson.

Brass Monkey:

Tyson Fury isn’t fighting…


Fixed :slight_smile:

Will Carnegies or anywhere else have the event on? Really don’t want to go to the Monknoid.

Is anyone watching it at Brass Monkey?

No where to watch here. Who won? According to the magical 3.

Not started yet

Hmmm, a draw.


Yes. Bar the rematch.

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Thought it was 9pm eastern US time. Must be done by now. No knockouts, ear bites, etc?

A snooze fest

That was umm, something that should have been done in a gym with the lights off.

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Tyson was well behaved , Jones was just, well yes as you said should have stayed in the gym with the lights off. They should have had a non blood tested fight ha. Steroids should have been mandatory :wink:

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What were people expecting? that was great, mike can still go. His body shots had RJJ mega gassed from early on.

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I was expecting pretty much just what happened.

When they have 2 belts ready to hand out you know it was always going to be a draw


Username checks out.

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What?! Belts?

World Geriatric Champion? Champion of the Creaks? What belts?