Where were girls like this when I was 12?

taipeitimes.com/News/taiwan/ … /10/201516

Meanwhile in Alabama, a 14 year old boy has just married a 42 year old woman. With the permission of his parents, oddly enough. (They were from Arkansas, I think, but the judge there refused to agree to the union, which is required there. Thank God for one person with sense!)

And they want to charge her with rape??? Odd, I think the guy liked it? His family refused to charge her, now that’s the spirit!

Well if it’s a fair legal system, then it has to be rape. If a 19 your old man had sex with a 12 year old girl, it’d be statutory rape, whether she liked it or not. Oddly enough though, many countries in the world have one-sided laws on this. Eg in NZ, the legal age of consent for heterosexual sex was put at 16, but as ithe law was written decades ago it was aimed at protecting girls, and nobody thought about prtecting boys from predatory women,s o it only applies to girls. When they brought in the law legalising homosexual sex, theage ofconsent was also placed at 16. But there is still no age of consent for boys having heterosexual sex.


So the kid is 14 and his sister is 42. No wonder the judge refused!

I get so sick of you people stereotyping Southerners on the forum. Come on, Chainsmoker, back me up on this. It was obviously his 42-year-old transvestite father. :unamused: