Where will the Chelsea - Barca game be live?

The Tavern doesn’t seem to have it on its site and it’s not scheduled on ESPNSTAR. Does any know we can watch the game live in Taipei?

It’s hard to believe that ESPN is showing Bayern v. Arsenal. Chelsea-Barca seems like the premier contest of this round. I wonder what happened…

It’s hard to believe that ESPN is showing Bayern v. Arsenal. Chelsea-Barca seems like the premier contest of this round. I wonder what happened…[/quote]

ESPN Taiwan have no idea about the beautiful game that’s what happened. They’re showing the scum live (as always! sigh) and then the Porto game delayed (eh?) :loco: :noway: :loco:

Anyone happen to catch the Real v. Juve match this morning? Low scoring, but of very high quality, I thought.

I think it’s a shame that the draw essentially put the top 8 sides against eachother and the bottom 8 sides against eachother. (Obviously one can disagree about this generalization with respect to a couple of the clubs, but basically that’s what happened.)

I wonder if a seeded draw would be more interesting (i.e. pairing 1 vs 16, 2 vs 15 etc. based on UEFA rankings)? Maybe not. Would certainly take some of the random fun/excitement out of things. Trade-off I suppose…

Did you catch the game matt2? It was actually broadcast on Star while ESPN showed Glazer Utd v Milan. Of course they neither put this on the website or in the paper. Maybe worth noting for the return leg, although knowing ESPNSTAR they won’t do it the second time just to be bloody contrary.

:bravo: Until these guys get their website schedules sorted out they deserve all the criticism that can be heaped upon them.

So you saw the game qproy? The reports made it sound like 2-1 may have actually flattered Chelsea a little. What did you think?

I thought Chelsea did OK. On the back foot for most of the game, but that is to be expected in the away leg in Europe. Cech didn’t have too much to do in the first half really. Drogba should really have made it 2-0 in the first half. The ref was a bit of a joke, and Drogba should never have been sent off as he was legitimately going for the ball when challenging the keeper. Having said that Drogba was an accident waiting to happen as he was already booked and was treading a tightrope (if you can actually tread on a tightrope!). Mourinho should really have subbed him. Once Drogba was off then the game was all one way traffic. Still they do have a chance in the second leg.

Interesting. I agree with you about the second leg. It is very easy for me to imagine Chelsea getting a 1-0 win. Man U also has a shot, but with the away goal against them my money would be on Milan. I think Arsenal are basically done unless they can somehow miraculously learn how to defend in less than two weeks. Who would have imagined that of all 4 clubs it would be Liverpool that seems to have the best chance at progressing!?

Chelsea played a good game last night and the game plan was working pretty well. Soak up the early pressure and hit Barca on the counter attack which they did well and got the goal against the run of play. Like others have said once Drogba was sent off it was one way traffic somethin like 76%-24% was the possesion in favor of Barca, dispite the difference in possesion Chelsea still did pretty well and were lucky to only concede 2 goals, I remember Maxi Lopez and Eto’o going close with good chances and Terry saved their asses with a header from a goalbound attempt by Deco.

Chelsea and Liverpool have a good chance to go through and I feel a 1-0 win should be obtainable at Stamford Bridge, Liverpool should go through but our away form is poor. Arsenal are out and the Mancs will have a hell of a time against Milan at the San Siro, Milan really took it to the Mancs last night on their own turf and were the more attacking team.