Where's the Electro? Fischerspooner? New Retro?

Maybe I haven’t searched hard enough, but I can’t seem to find a bar that plays this stuff. The closest I’ve come is having to wait until 2am for a couple of DJ’s to spin at a revamped wharehouse! Good party, but not suttle enough! Location: Taichung

WTF is New Retro? Isn’t that a contradiction in terms?

I guess so, but most things “new” usually reflect somthing old. New Retro is just some category or lable stuck to some of the music I like. Whatever, I guess some of the music that reflects on old eighties retro sounds with some new spin is an explaination of the term. “Brand new you retro” is a “Tricky” phrase that captures this!

OK. So if this theme doesn’t exist within the Taichung nightlife, does anyone have any tips about making it happen?

Has anyone managed to produce/pull off a one time party at a preffered venue here in Taichung?

I’ve got some fisherspooner in one of my record crates, and some music that would possibly fit under that category (Gary Numan??) but I’d say good luck finding a venue (or getting one together) that would host it. Ever think of taking up dj’ing? That’s my only suggestion. Start your own thing going.

If ya ever make it down to kaohsiung, let me know and I can spin a few for ya wherever I’m spinning at that time.


I play a bit of it in my sets sometimes, depending on the crowd, club, ect… I’ll always play a few new-wave remixes though. I tried dropping fischerspooner at Luxy once, but they didn’t really go for it- maybe it will go over better in Taichung… I’ll be playing at Bobo on Sat. April 9th. more info here: http://www.DJAndrewFord.com