Where's the Funny Pictures thread?

It seems the Funny Pictures 2020 thread disappeared!
I can find the Funny Pictures 2019 thread, the Funny Pictures 2018 thread, the Funny Pictures 2017 thread, but not the Funny Pictures 2020 thread.
What happened?

Hmm, I moved a post out of there earlier, maybe something went wrong. Let me look

You deleted the entire topic according to the logs.

Oh no! :runaway:
Does it mean all the fun was lost forever?

Put the bottle back in the cabinet, Tempo Gain. There’s still ten days of the new year left! :smiley:

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The fun is back!! Fixed it! Merry Christmas you filthy animals :rofl:



Yay! Thanks @Marco. Got sidetracked for a minute there. Discourse is pretty friendly for reviving things

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killjoy 2020 :grin: