Where's the Live Local Music in Kaohsiung?

Does anyone know of venues for local artists/musicians in Kaohsiung? Just looking for somewhere to take in some (less organized) culture and sip a bevy, perhaps conspire with fellow revellers and rifraff. Cheers.

There’s the Mercury. The address is at the end of this interview with the owner: www.gigguide.tw/article-15

Best place by far IMO is The Wall at Pier 2.

thewall.tw/ (Click on “駁二”)

One of Taiwan’s more creative bands, Sugar Plum Ferry, is playing this Sunday, 12/29.

There is Bar, next to Lees Hotel on the west side of the hotel on Wufu, can not remember the name but has some good live music.

in 2020 quite bit more Street music, weekends Wufu/XiongShan Road, Pingtung rail station and others

bump without contribution. i really want to hear some rock music tonight, but i’d be happy with a jazz venue too.

or just a joint that has a decent drink selection and plays good music.