Where's the Lounge?

I can’t seem to find it or am I just out of the lounge again by not talking enough or something?

Or is it because I didn’t show up at the get together?

Members only, squire. I can put a word in for you if you buy me a large one.

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I wish I could get an alert before I get downgraded so can have chance to decide to do something.

We had a vote and you’re out. Soz.

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I buy beers for people all the time. Maybe I got one for you already :beers:

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Oh yeah? Well you’re going to miss me

Same issue as we discussed here, you fall short on the “posts read” parameter.


It’d be nice if we could have a “permanent regular” status for the hardcore wasters (I’m including myself in that). It is a bit bizarre to wake up and find out that overnight you became “irregular” so to speak. Mind you it happens to me in FB groups too where I have “Storyteller” status due to the event photography I do, but lose the status if there’s no event for a month.


Lounge? After almost 20 years I need to read that there is a lounge.

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Regulars! He’s a member.

I meant big members.


Feels like I’m reading constantly.

I adjusted the parameter. You should be back in shortly. Let’s see how it goes!


Hey buddy, can I buy you a beer? I think I got kicked off of the bus too.

I also feel left out. It has been nearly eight months. :cowboy_hat_face:

You need to read more topics.

As someone named chilifries, I suggest restaurants and food and drink :stuck_out_tongue:

Jokes. But yeah. You need more topics

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If this is the key criteria, then Tango would definitely be King of Forumosa. : D



:laughing: name checks out

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Easy :happy_frog:



For the past 100 days. Not all time.