Where's the Map Guy

Ok, I’m coming up on the #3 from Longtan. I want to go to the Taipei Zoo. What exit do I take and where do I go from there.

I looked pretty simple but didn’t see the exit name. I know there’s one person on Forumosa that’s a wiz with providing maps… So I hope he sees this today…

That map-wiz-person would be Truant. I’m sure he’d have seen your post. :loco:

I dunno the exit (I take the same road from Taoyuan) but I always take the exit nearest to the brightly-painted incinerator smokestacks. :laughing:
I also always end up at the zoo! :bravo:

It’s way past… I hope you found it anyway!!

Not sure who the map wizz is but i have done one or two maps. Sorry I have been away and only saw this now…

Ok, map to the zoo coming up. Anything else?

Hey Truant,

It’s ok… Been there already, But thanks for the offer. It’s the Muzha exit and the direction gods were with me.