Where's the outrage?

[quote]So a picture surfaces of[b] Ken Bigley /b, the unlucky Brit who has been captured by Iraqi insurgents, sitting in a cage with what looks suspiciously like a chain around his neck. Let me see, where have I seen that before? Oh right, the Abu Ghraib (search) prison: One picture of an Iraqi in a collar and leash

Nobody is “outraged”, because we don’t expect any better from terrorist scum. We do hold the US and other western nations to a higher standard than terrorist nations, which is a good thing. We can claim moral superiority as long as we play nice. As soon as we decide to lower ourselves to their level, then we might as well just nuke them. They would do the same to us if they could.

[color=red]PS Please learn to use the quote function. It’s impossible to tell what is your content and what is quoted content. Thanks.[/color]

Maoman, but you forget Fred cannot understand why anyone would want to criticise the US never mind be outraged by its actions. :loco:

Or [color=red]mis[/color]quoted content in Fred’s case. :wink:

Excellent. Different standards for different people? I love this. I will therefore only hire men for my company since women are too emotional or I will not hire Blacks because they score lower on average on certain forms of standardized tests and well I won’t hire Arabs for pilots because they are prone to terrorism you see and then I won’t hire men for teachers because they are not sympathetic enough.

Bullshit. Bullshit. Bullshit. Everyone has the same abilities. This is just antiAmerica bashing disguised as “we hold you to higher standards” crap. Bullshit. Bullshit. Bullshit. You all would be the first to scream if we started racially profiling or profiling certain Arab nations for terrorists. That would not be fair, but I suppose these higher standards and justice are just an “American” thing? Right? But then if we are already tops in this area, why should we listen to criticism from people like you?


This style of question and others like it have been posed by you and answered by others over and over and over throughout this forum.

Fred, you are a broken record emitting clouds of hot anti-French, anti-Arab, anti-German air.

Otherwise, you seem like a nice fellow.

Please though, get a new issue and stop being a Bush Administration apologist mind-slave. While you’re at it, stop being hateful too.

Otherwise, it might seem that you were a troll who squeaked by the elimination process and merely hang on by virtue of volume of posts and familiarity with other members…


Thanks for the advice. While you’re at it, could you also point to your posting on the antiBush, anti-American threads where you informed the poster that they were being boring and hateful. If I could just find one of those posts from you, that would make a big difference in my pathetic, anti-Arab, anti-French, anti-German life. Really it would.

Always a pleasure Fred.



So Rooftop:

Does that mean you are going to tell me where I can find your quote telling others not to be so meanspirited and to stop bashing Bush and the US? Just one little comment would make all the difference to me. Really, I would take it as a sign of objectivity and fairmindedness on your part. If I could just find that one thread. Just one…

If I can provide such evidence, what will you do?

Nice attempt to cast me in a negative light with the reference to me calling another member “boring”, by the way. That was to Mod Lang after he posted dozens of Canada-bashing posts.

The response was along the lines of “dude, chill out, Can’t believe you didn’t see I was joking.” That’s among my favourite cop out lines when called on the carpet too! :loco:

So, Fred, if I can show evidence of moderation, what will you do?

I throw down my gloves…

If you wouldn’t hold America to a higher standard than terrorists, do you advocate the abduction of innocent Muslim women and men in our own countries and behead them unless our demands are met? Of course not. :unamused:

I can’t believe this even needs to be said.

[quote=“fred smith”]So Rooftop:
Does that mean you are going to tell me where I can find your quote telling others not to be so meanspirited and to stop bashing Bush and the US? Just one little comment would make all the difference to me. Really, I would take it as a sign of objectivity and fairmindedness on your part. If I could just find that one thread. Just one…[/quote]
Will this do?

forumosa.com/taiwan/viewtopi … ht=#209162

In particular, and I’m quoting myself here, kind of tacky, but you did push me:

So, yes, I do get agressive at times with people who post anti-European, Anti-Canadian, Anti-Islam, Anti-homosexual, Anti-humane treatment of animals (this “anti” theme is getting a bit unwieldy, ahem!) because I’m not a fan of intolerance.

As such, I won’t offer silent consent when I read/see/hear it.

There was me thinking that Fred was pissed off at the US being equated with terrorist scum. Now he actually wants us to measure them by the same yardstick. What do we do? Decide to believe that all terrorists are actually law abiding, nice people and should therefor deserve special comment only when they stray from this norm, or do we decide that the US government and its representatives are actually psyopathic nutjobs with a penchant for torture, murder, and general sociopathic behavior and only pass comment on them when they deviate from this norm. Choices, choices, choices

Fred, it was wise of you not to post what you’d do in exchange for proof of my open-mindedness as I’m afraid this is only one - albeit a glorious one - piece of evidence.

Why are right-wingers so quarelsome and filled with anger?

If it didn’t happen enough in your childhood, again I offer:


From atop my roof

Also from the editorial Fred quoted

[quote]In the view of these people who are now so quiet, the terrorists who are doing these things to now headless Americans and the terrified Mr. Bigley are right. They are heroic insurgents against the hated U.S. and everybody knows that is OK.


So anyone who said that what happened in Abu Ghraib was not good supports terrorism, torture and the killing of inocent people. What a truly well reasoned article. Bravo. I must remember Mr. John Gibson the next time I need an example of the reasoning skills of a five year old. :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:


It’s awfully quiet in this thread since post-a-matic hateboy backed down…

Fred! Fred? Yoo hoo Fred?!?

:laughing: :unamused: :bravo:


Fred’s off scanning through my posts trying to find something incriminating but instead will be shocked to find my posting on “Fred Smith needs to read the rulez.”

Then, he’ll come back and say he was called away from the computer for some pressing thing…(hint - Fred, say it was dinner, the time is about right for that excuse)

Aww, I should throw away this crystal ball, it’s full of weird visions.

Fred, let’s hug and make up and promise to make the world a happier place.


You guys are sooo funny…I’ll just set in the bleachers and throw popcorn… :bravo:

I wouldn’t. But when the US invades a country on the pretence of human rights issues/dictatorship/WMD’s/having too much sand* and then the US mistreats uncharged, untried prisoners in the same way as people were mistreated in the country being occupied/bombed/obliterated* is it not understandable that there is outrage?

There is outrage about Bigly, by the way. Read the English rags.

*Delete as appropriate

I think fred has made a good point here.

If you argue that the US should be held to higher standards then you are acknowledging that another group of peoples (let’s say peoples from terrorist nations) should be held to a lower set of standards.

Thus, you must then believe that such other group (let’s say peoples from terrorist nations) cannot to be trusted because they do not live up to a certain high level of standards.

If you believe that such other group (let’s say peoples from terrorist nations) cannot be trusted to live up to a certain level of standards, then there is no logical argument against profiling that other group and even treating that other group with less trust.

However, many of those who hold the US to a higher level of standards would complain bitterly about the US profiling such other group (let’s say peoples from terrorist nations) and do indeed complain about the treatment of certain members of such other group (let’s say certain peoples from terrorist nations) that are now being held in detention by the US.

IMO, you cannot logically claim that a certian group of people (let’s say peoples from terrorist nations) cannot be trusted and then complain when the US illustrates a lack of trust toward that other group (let’s say peoples from terrorist nations).