Which AI speciality has more jobs: NLP, Fintech or Computer Vision

I am a Python developer, and I am doing a thesis but I need to rewrite my proposal. However, the thesis topic matters for a job to find. After reading several papers, including Quora forums, I have become reluctant. I would like to ask you: What deep learning related industry is more popular in the 2020s-2040s (Considering 4 factors: 1.number of yearly recruitment, 2.contract duration 3.job security and 4.salary): NLP, Fintech or Computer Vision?

The first 2 involves RNN, LSTM, Transformers, and BERT
The last one involves a CNN.

As soon as I receive your obvious answers, I can begin writing my graduation paper. So that I can show it to any HR in every single interview once I have graduated.
Thanks a lot :slight_smile:

In Taiwan or worldwide? In Taiwan, computer vision will be most popular. Fintech has no chance, government regulations require paper trails for everything.

Welcome to a new world where attention really is all you need even for images, videos and even RL…

Vision Transformer

Transformer Object Detection

Self-attention RL