Which airline to Japan?

Anyone know that cheapest airline that flies from taipei to tokyo? any travel agents you can recommend?


Dunno about the cheapest, but Japan Air has the finest service of experienced in my life. See if you can get the emergency exit seat, so that the flight attendants preen over you. The planes may be old, but the food is great, and they’ll keep bringing you snacks and drinks.

I second the motion for JAL (Japan Airlines). Cathay Pacific is also great (Not sure if they fly to Japan. But if they do I assume it would be via HK).

China airlines is usually cheap. But they have the second highest crash rate among airlines in the world next to Cuba air I think it is.

My advice would be to buy the ticket through a Taiwanese airline ticket website. They are usually cheaper than travel agents.


cheapest are EVA or China Airlines

and I don’t suggest flying with JAL… if you want to fly a Japanese airline, go with ANA

I choose either EVA or Cathay Pacific.

Cheapest I could find for you in the month of may was JAL at $600 US round trip. This would be assuming you were flying TPE to NRT (Tokyo) and flying on either a tuesday or thursday.

I have flown JAL, ANA, CHINA AIR, and EVA
The best in service, by far was JAL…i absolutely agree with the earlier post about sitting in the emergency exit row. The flight attendants are 99% of the time cute, friendly and sit right across from you :wink: so you get lots of attention. ANA wasnt too bad either. Good luck!

Last Month I flew to Tokyo on Asiana. Very good service and the price was 15,000NT. The bad news is it goes via Seoul. Long day both ways to save money. But I did get Star Allliance (United) Miles

[quote=“Lo Bo To”]Cathay Pacific is also great (Not sure if they fly to Japan. But if they do I assume it would be via HK).

Cathay route through Taiwan on a couple of flights to Japan -
HK-TPE- to Nagoya and Narita. I have been very lucky on these and CP upgraded me on a leg of my 2 recent trips in Feb & March.

Have also travelled EVA on the Hello Kitty plane - the tackyiness of which has to be experienced to be believed!