Which Audio Player Software Should I Use?


I was just wondering if anyone out there’s using a choice internet radio programme (music player) for their computer.

I was thinking of using “Liquid Audio”, but is it better to just use Winamp or Windows Media Player, or something else?

Cheers for any tips,

The Big Babou.

I use Windows Media player. Do have Realplayer installed, too, but hardly use it.

I have three (previously four)

winamp 3

I hardly use mediaplayer, preferring either of the other two for listening to Internet audio.


I’ve found that many of the Internet radio sites have their own ‘pop up’ player, and so you don’t need anything.

Partly true.

However, many of the popup players actually need realplayer or mediaplayer installed first to play (or occasionally an mp3 player).

Live365 offers, for example, mp3 player or realplayer or their own (applet-based I guess).